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Name 姓名 : 4406号 Yan Zi 小燕子

Age 年龄 : 22 Years Old

Height 身高 : 161cm

Boobs 胸围 : 36D

Room & CD Included 包房包套


Hotel work 酒店开工

$130/1Shot 1次/60mins


联系时请说从天上人间看来的! Please say see






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2019-10-13 17:12大棒棒 Says:
2019-10-10 18:14太阳 Says:
boobs: 10/10
French: 7/10
BBBJ: 10/10
2019-10-06 23:15massage lover Says:
she is a gem. Great looks, great body and she feels like the girl next door.
extremely great GFE and BBBJ experience.

2019-10-06 00:33Abcdefg Says:
Bbbj is superb, and service orientated. If you feel like being taken cared of you should try her
2019-10-06 00:1469 Says:
小燕子是我见过最漂亮的人了。她的服务做的很漂亮,不会偷工减料。这是我第二次约她了,每次约她她都会跟你最棒的服务,也会让你觉得你是重要的。 我决定只要我有时间就会一直约她。她是个很温柔体贴的人。希望她还会在新加坡,只要她还在新加坡的话,我一定会一直约她的。
2019-10-04 22:01Abc Says:
Friendly and accommodating. No rushing service . Definitely will return
2019-10-04 18:42Tsrj Says:
样貌: 9/10 90% alike to photos
胸部: 10/10 C Natural
身材: 9/10 Smooth Skin, Good to Hug
鲍鱼: 9/10 Tight, Clean
亲吻: 9/10 French
按摩: 9/10 Boob Rub
女友感: 9/10 Cuddle after Sex, Great Chat too.
做爱: 9/10 Hard Working, Accommodating, Natural Moan
回头: Yes

2019-10-02 19:42Love Sex Says:
Hesitated when it was $100 because photo too pretty to be truth. Today I read what looks like a genuine review so decided to go even though price went up. Better safe then sorry. When door open, heng ah, very close to photo. Young body, smooth skin and tight butt. Her all natural boobs is really taut and yet soft to grab. Is a nice C which is good enough for me. So difficult to find such nice naturally boobs. I don\'t like SOP so proceed to just hugging, stroking, chatting while kissing like real lovers. So warm and friendly. It was a tiring day for me so brother struggle to get up yet she was so patience to stroke it till it finally hard. Oh forgot to mention pussy is super clean and neat, hair partially shaven so you have nice view to see and lick. Below also low mileage, you can feel the grip which is important to me. As it was a weak day for me so bro didn\'t last long but after game over she continues to massage and stroke me. So end up hugging and teasing again. Too bad cant get it up for round 2. No rush at all, she even asked me to stay longer even though I wanted to leave for dinner. Have to RTF when bro better form cause this one I really want to f* long long.
2019-10-01 21:59太子 Says:
2019-10-01 21:40Ken Says:
She\'s really pretty, good and kind
2019-09-30 16:17GoodFL Says:
Those bro who follow my comment, this is the fucking good service lady
Look: evil and seducing face, won’t reject type, pretty then photo and look a bit like one of my friend
Boobs: TBH not that big as stated but acceptable, not for boobs lover
BBBJ: 100/100, very Long and good suction, very deep throat, the only lady can suck me till I feel want to cum
FJ: very tight and you will cum fast as she blow u long duration
Kiss: from heaven till hell
RTF: confirm yes if price maintain
Btw I took tarma service with her friend doudou, one evil and one angle, after fk doudou then fk fei er, kissing here and there as they both don’t mind, best tarma ever
2019-10-02 00:3266 Says:
beware of getting hpv for kissing here and there
Especially when you go for tarma
2019-10-01 19:0478 Says:
Tarma how much bro
2019-10-01 15:1669 Says:
How long is the tarma? 1hour?
2019-09-30 01:32 Says:
Great attitude, really really pretty. I find her much prettier in person!
2019-09-29 12:28逍遥浪子(青铜会员) Says:
2019-09-26 14:15狼人 Says:
服务一流 配合度高 胸比想象的大很多 人很好 下次继续。谢谢
2019-09-25 00:52怀风 Says:

BBBJ: 9/10
Boobs: 9/10
Body: 9/10

Friendly and accommodating! Will definitely RTF for more!
2019-09-24 23:47Potato Says:
Her BJ I totally cannot tahan. Very friendly lady.
2019-09-24 21:23S o lo jack(青铜会员) Says:
Face:9/10 脸其实比照片漂亮些
Boobs: 9/10比我想象中大得多,手感超棒
kiss: checked
BBBJ:10/10 目前我体验过最好的了
FJ: 9/10 很棒了,要挺的久才能享受到各种花样噢

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