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颜值系 年轻水嫩 舔鲍鱼+胸推 强烈推荐!

Name 姓名 : 4385号 Niu Niu 妞妞

Age 年龄 : 20 Years Old

Height 身高 : 160cm

Boobs 胸围 : 34B

Room & CD Included 包房包套

NORTH (北部)

Yishun 义顺

$100/1Shot 1次/60mins



联系时请说从天上人间看来的! Please say see






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2019-10-11 19:18毛毛 Says:
Excellence service her bbbj n ffj damm good small n easy carry will rtf again.
2019-10-10 19:40啊魔神 Says:
非常好,非常包容的女孩。 兄弟们对他好点。

Very nice & very accommodating girl. bros pls treat her well.
2019-10-10 10:20啊魔神 Says:

Very nice girl & very accommodating guys pls treat her well.
2019-10-05 22:15小哥 Says:
今晚約了妞妞美女,本人比照片漂亮,年青美丽, 服务好, 态度友善, 口交一流,爽,水多多,啪啪很爽,很健谈,像女朋友的感覺,跟她玩得满意和很爽 。 各位兄弟,趕快上纲找这美女。
2019-09-30 13:35老下雨 Says:
Overall very good experience. Very friendly, cute and accommodating to request. Most importantly she don\'t use phone during the session. Wil RTF once I\'m free. 会再找她
2019-09-26 22:41mimi Says:
After menses I booked this girl again, I have a little selfish for myself and don\'t want to share with others. But to be fair, this little girl come here for earning money, so I Wrote down my experience every time I dated her before. Today this little girl gave me surprises, she wants to learn English from me, OMG, she can remember and speak out a lot of English words, that is very surprising. This girl is full of positive energy.But to be honest, please forgive me of my poor English skill, I also need to check dictionary for writing……and this girl showed me\"一字腿\",what a big surprise. So, bros, please treat her well,thanks a lot.
2019-09-26 23:57妞妞 Says:
2019-09-23 21:42mimi Says:
One more time dated her, looking at big earrings below her ears with samll cute face, and a bit young girl\'s temper, it looks like minority girl. Anyway, I can accept her coz I\'m easily to be soft whenever facing a girl especially a little cute girl.
2019-09-22 20:48Tan TK Says:
Niu Niu is very sweet and young. Very good service. Don\'t touch the phone at all. Will go back before hard to book.
2019-09-22 03:24红金宝 Says:
The field reports are true. First blood for me. When she grimace during those long deep stroke makes u cum early.
2019-09-22 00:38第一名 Says:
今天早上约了妞妞,不但人美,服务一极棒,不赶时间,地方干净,停车容易。 肯定常常去找她
2019-09-21 20:58mimi Says:
补充一下,印象较深的是我看到这个可爱的女孩子嘴唇干,她也没怎么抱怨 ,我是那种怜香惜玉的人,于心不忍,不忍心让她做太多口活,她不是那种很强势的人,蛮温柔,所以下次会再来。
2019-09-21 19:55Bfly Says:
Looks exactly 100% like photo & video. Very good service and tight
GFE , nice to be with
Treat her well bros :) syt only 20 yr old
2019-09-21 17:28mimi Says:
This girl is new in this line, looks cute and natural. Smiles nice. Her breasts are fit her slim body. She doesn\'t accept clients who has bad record or attitude abnormal. Please treat her well, bros. You would not see this cute girl to be hurt if you are man.
2019-09-21 14:06Kenny Says:

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