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Name 姓名 : 4355号 Ye Zi 叶子

Age 年龄 : 20 Years Old

Height 身高 : 172cm

Boobs 胸围 : 36D

Room & CD Included 包房包套


Hotel work 酒店开工

$180/1Shot 1次/60mins


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2019-10-10 22:00Fatty Says:
Her service is definitely outstanding and she’s definitely a pro! She even did a hand stand giving me a BJ upside down! What a sight! The finale came when she slot my exploding dick head into thru her pussy and rode on me, her cunt could really grip my dick tight and pressure it to shoot! Well, she worked hard but I was harder for her, she flipped her over and pump in my rod with the huge mushroom repeatedly andferociously till I came with ecstasy. I didn\'t want to give upmy money, but her excellent service forced me to give it to her.She has a good figure, pink nipples feel great, and her makeup makes her sexy. RTF must
2019-10-13 14:20Moby Dick Says:
Bro picture is brown nipple u say pink?

CECA 4.0 unleash and slash ...steals n wipe you off like dust. Beware
2019-10-08 23:36Sam Says:
Just talked to her. Beautiful and kind, in good shape. The service and attitude were great, too. Her BBBJ is very good. I\'ll keep looking for her when I\'m free.
2019-10-08 21:52Ryan Says:
Pretty girl, 95% as photo, with natural D cups.Very gentle, a little naughty. Excellent service attitude. BJ & HJ is slow and sensual. GFE perfect.Must be back
2019-10-06 00:10阿忠 Says:
非常友好的姑娘。BBBJ 的节奏把握的非常好,让我难以把持。性感迷人的身材与粉嫩柔软的乳房,让人爱不释手。啪啪时配合度很高,下体水多与敏感也容易高潮,让我小弟弟血脉爆棚一直不断的冲刺,爽歪歪的!!!
2019-10-03 23:24老鬼 Says:
2019-09-30 11:57Jack Says:
2019-09-30 00:54Tom Says:
Although the price is abit steep
but after trying is worth the $$.
young, tall, pretty ,good figure and most important tight.
2019-09-28 10:33Marboro Says:
2019-09-27 17:50啊强 Says:
2019-09-27 01:45v Says:
2019-09-20 08:52Go Go Says:
Finally try this Gem.. Looks is Prettiest among here, Tall Curvy Body like those
Car Model with Nice Shape Boobs

Must try her in Doggie style, Best Ass with Curvy Fair But
2019-09-20 04:24Oppa Kun Says:
Visited her today. She is new and she looks slightly older by 2-3 years, nonetheless, she is tall, slim and provided good service! Her BBBJ is power and licked me all over until I buay tahan.. Her FJ was also excellent except that her boobs are a bit firm.

Looks: 9/10
BBBJ: 10/10
FJ: 10/10
Body shape: 10/10
GFE: 8/10

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