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Name 姓名 : 4319号 Meng Meng 梦梦

Age 年龄 : 20 Years Old

Height 身高 : 165cm

Boobs 胸围 : 34B

Room 包房


Apartment 公寓




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2019-10-11 00:36AIbert.Ang Says:

Just visited this girl and can say she has offer me the service That I wanted and I was very satisfied cos nowadays is very hard to find someone who is so sweet and young looking to serve you full naked offering with this price $100. First I went in and lie on the bed she massage me and I can say she put in effort to massage and next to sensual part and I would like to say her sensual can make you feel so ticklish that you need to hold her hand to slow down next she ask me to stand on the bed and lean on the wall and she began Bbbj for me and slowly lie back down to bed and we began with 69 and I release my load into her mouth. Looks 10/10 = young girl cute voice Massage 8/10 = not go there for massage be honest haha Sensual 12/10 = Super ticklish can’t tahan for long Place = 10/10 = stays alone Boobs 9/10 = big nipple breast size is those teenager girl size Satisfaction 12/10 = Cos some charging at $110 do only half naked without CIM and obviously better then those in spa which you have to pay for entrance fee but serve without naked HJ only but she is different she is a SYT offering full name at this price is Super worth man. Return = comfim Yes !!!

2019-10-04 16:45小小哥 Says:
按摩真的很专业,不马虎,上班时也不看手机。可以放心约. ***调情更加专业!!!
2019-09-24 14:12saxon11 Says:
her service is really amazing....I have never experienced such a wonderful experience... her figure is really good..slim..tall,The tongue is very soft..wonderful afteroon..
2019-09-20 20:37青丘 Says:
颜值 9 是个美人胚 五官精致 眼神明亮 笑起来很美
身材 10 一流 身体纤细 腿很美 屁股有肉
按摩服务 9 按摩专业 花很长的时间来调情 不赶工 一切都淋漓尽致
打飞机 10 手法很好 还使出浑身解数来让你嗨起来 跟大部分按摩的妹妹比 梦梦的招数和姿势是绝世的体验
态度 10 有着甜美善良的声音 会聊天 人很好
2019-09-20 16:13坏小孩 Says:
2019-09-19 15:58bingzi(青铜会员) Says:
2019-09-17 13:56Tom Says:
Meng meng is a kind and adorable girl who try her best to satisfy your needs. She provides comprehensive service and does not rush for time. Be nice to her.
2019-09-16 08:43肉夹馍 Says:

人美,服务一极棒。不赶时间,地方干净。 停车容易。 肯定常常去找她
2019-09-15 13:31太子爷 Says:
2019-09-14 19:59sg4dwork(青铜会员) Says:
梦梦 is like a gorgeous beauty in a fantasy dream. Her voice is so sweet that pleasure the ear. Her sweet and pretty little face will make you stare blankly at her. Her moan, her touches and her licking is overwhelmingly seductive. Its an unforgettable 1 hour you will experience.

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