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特殊时期 20岁嫩妹 舔鲍鱼+冰火 热门推荐!

Name 姓名 : 4276号 Tian Tian 甜甜

Age 年龄 : 20 Years Old

Height 身高 : 165cm

Boobs 胸围 : 34B

Room 包房


Hotel work 酒店开工




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Characteristic Service/特色服务





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2019-09-20 06:30Sunny Says:
Thanks fellow bros for SYT Fr confirmation. 真的年轻漂亮可爱又好玩,样貌和照片一样,口交满厉害,包鱼水多又紧还会侠的感觉,很久没这种感觉了,超爽,过两天还会找她玩
2019-09-17 22:04Mike69 Says:
Don\'t feel like sharing this SYT fr.Pics is 100% her.Real person is even prettier & sweet.Body hourglass type with smooth skin.She maybe young but her services are really top notch.You rarely find SYT top notch services at 200 bucks.Her GFE with me was very good.She is so fresh,seeing her strip alrdy made my bro at marikita position.Her teasing sucktion really sibeh power.My intimade time will keep to my self.Hear her moaning voice made song yy.
Don\'t have to worry 18+ liao confirmed,she is my favorite from now..My FR is u don\'t date her..she is going to be \"hot\" \"Ang pai\"soon..once her up don\'t complain hor..Bros..Treat is SYT well..she really is gem..
Have tried a few girls older with price tag 200++ bucks even can\'t compare to her.
RTF: alrdy my 3rd time dating her to be exact..will be back for more action .i m also thinking of trying her tarma with her sis when her sis is ready
2019-09-17 14:11Alan Goh Says:
i just love SYT,tis young girl is the real deal,lovely hourglass figure,fresh & juicy.Although young,her catbath teasing is good,BBJ sibeh song a lot teasing,sucktion also very strong,almost cim,faster ask to stop,ablone easily wet,faster cap on & pump her,tight pussy can feel her gripping my tool,really shiok song song hearing her sweet moaning voice.
Bros out there kindly treat tis SYT well,don\'t frighten her away,she is the real deal for enjoyment.Will try to engage her with her sis for tarma session.
RTF:YES,a few times already.n she is really sweet.i be back
2019-09-17 07:22Jasontan Says:
Young sweet hidden gem found,i was surprise she really young beautiful girl same as pics.CathBath/BBJ was solid,lots of teasing good sucktion power.She is playful which i like best.abalone was tight & wet easily wet very obliging to change of position,really to hear her moaning sound make mi real high.GFE was really good might be due my chemistry with her.
RTF: A few times already. She is mine Baobei from now..
Treat her well bros,don\'t scare her away..
2019-09-13 20:40Bfly Says:
Very reluctant to post this because she will be very hot then.
It’s easy to fall in love with her. I must RTF.. bros pls treat her well
She’s a gem
2019-09-09 20:18天外大雕(白银会员) Says:
anyone try b4? Pls comment ^z^

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