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Name 姓名 : 4259号 Chen Chen 晨晨

Age 年龄 : 24 Years Old

Height 身高 : 160cm

Boobs 胸围 : 36C

Room & CD Included 包房包套


Apartment 公寓

$100/1Shot 1次/60mins


联系时请说从天上人间看来的! Please say see






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2019-09-22 21:59Lonely Says:
Wild and naughty girl, beautiful figure, big white chest. The meeting was very good. I like her tight pussy best, and she works well with all my postures. Definitely RTF. My naughty Chenchen
2019-09-22 13:20Andry Says:
Left town liao.. Pls take down.. Don\'t waste people time
2019-09-21 23:06Mtb Says:
Beautiful chenchen, fresh, lovely and naughty. Flying and blowing are great. It\'s great to have a girlfriend. She is a girl worth protecting. Be sure to support her.
2019-09-20 23:54安哥 Says:
2019-09-18 22:30Kent Says:
Today I found this girl, very cute and funny girl, her looks are pure, full of bosom, and white skin, waist is very thin, service is very good, chatting with her is very happy, like a girlfriend, let me The whole process is very relaxed, haha, add another sentence, her vagina is very tight, I don’t know why her vagina will shrink...
2019-09-18 14:00Mr.Alvin Says:
FR on Chen Chen

Looks: she looks prettier as in real person as compared with the pic posted in web.
Body: reckon 160cm, very fit body n no tummy for sure.
Boobs: Natural B
Frenching: She said not really into it, so I skipped.
Catbath: SOP
BBBJ: 8.5 Strong suction with occasional DT, had 1st warm up in bathroom.
Painting: Not clean shaven, quite wet indeed.
FJ: 9 responsive and accommodating, she said it\'s her forte, power!
2019-09-17 22:12太保 Says:
2019-09-16 21:33大兵 Says:
2019-09-16 01:27阿忠 Says:
2019-09-15 16:47Ganon Says:
Just finished my services with her, go for full service guys. She really worth your every cents you paid for her. She has lots of pattern, lots of surprise that you can get anywhere else except her. I tipped her for her good service,RTF must
2019-09-14 23:54Tioks Says:
Beautiful and kind-hearted girl, good figure, C cup feel good. Good service and attitude. Her BBBJ is very good. I\'ll keep looking for her when I\'m free.
2019-09-14 18:09casey Says:
This is my first time visit her. Service was awesome and she keep smiling when talking to you. You will definitely falls in love with her smile.
Look - 10/10
Service - top form 10/10
Every single dollar is worth to spend on her. Trust me!!
2019-09-14 00:50老鬼 Says:
非常友好的姑娘。BBBJ 的节奏把握的非常好,让我难以把持。 性感迷人的身材与柔软的乳房,。啪啪时配合度很高,小嘴水多与敏感也容易高潮,让我小弟弟血脉爆棚一直不断的冲刺,爽歪歪的!!!值得推荐
2019-09-13 14:44Key Says:
Today is my first time to see her. I can only describe it in one word: great. Her service skills are absolutely superb. The service is very professional. It\'s sexy. It\'s tempting. BBBJ+FJ experience is perfect. If time permits, I think I will enjoy other services. RTF must
2019-09-12 23:47Jack Says:
CHENCHEN is a small petite girl, height about 160cm. But she has a nice round breast with at least a cup C. Very nice to fondle. Highlights - with initiative and takes the lead throughout. - BJ skill 10/10. Even give one during the shower. Those bro who cannot tahan please beware - knows your sensitive areas and use her tongue to tease you Figure: 10/10 Look: 9/10 - very similar to photo without much PS FJ: 9/10 Verdict: Every dollar spend is very worth it and will definitely RTF once my wallet recharged. If you want to date her, you\'d better call ahead of time. Because she doesn\'t answer her phone at work
2019-09-11 20:04老先生 Says:
短发美女,短发是我的致命伤. 超喜欢短发的美女,而且她真人比相片更漂亮!

舌吻:亲嘴没问题,双唇之间的搏斗还是挺激烈的.. 舌吻需要Chemistry..

深喉75%下去,吸力强,技术一流,舔蛋蛋,嗯...嗯.... 的声音更是不在话下..
耐心没话说.. BBBJ 马拉松都没问题,问题是你能忍多久..



啊.....啊..... 啊.....
啊.....啊..... 啊.....
啊.....啊..... 啊.....


最后一推,直接在她舌头上射了出来,不小心射到了眼睛,很惭愧... 哈哈哈哈哈

Painting / FJ: 有

2019-09-11 19:43Big canon Says:
Service top class. GFE max. Looks real life prettier than photos. Must go. Nv go will regret.
2019-09-09 16:08Libra Says:
Just landed a few days ago. Good location, good service, looks cuter than pictures, excellent gfe

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