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Name 姓名 : 4164号 Yi Yi 依依

Age 年龄 : 24 Years Old

Height 身高 : 162cm

Boobs 胸围 : 36D

Room 包房

EAST (东部)

Kembangan 景万岸




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2019-09-16 00:26Etc here Says:
Very good service
2019-09-15 13:39Monomomo Says:
Pleasant lady! Good attitude, no rush!
Massage is smooth and relaxing.
Puts in the effort! Must try
2019-09-12 18:47Batang Says:
Look is ok, attitude is fine... but sadly boobs are sagging, not firm type... think some reviews are made up for promotion
2019-09-13 10:09Simple Says:
Bro get use with it! Not all girls are with firm round boobs!Most of them have already given birth in China and tough life forces them to earn money overseas to make a living.Just enjoy the process and get over with it.You not going to marry her anyway.
2019-09-11 17:48Nicky Says:
Her place is simple and clean with a proper massage table. Her place is cosy, with a shower and toilet attached.

Boobs: 8/10 D+ all natural. Very soft and nice to fondle. Nipples very sensitive.

BBBJ: 8/10 CIM good skills with a mixture of hand action. Round 1 was a HJ upon arrival. Round 2 was BBBJ with CIM towards end of session.

Roaming: full body, easily wet.

Massage: 8/10 no nonsense massage. Really authentic and she knows her stuff. She will massage you in a see through out fit. She provides varied options from oil to dry massage.
2019-09-07 23:28A people you like Says:
She is i first time met people beauty than pic. And she’s very friendly. Feel like girlfriend haha! And i really wanna stay with she this night. But she said have any other customer. Ohhhh. I’ll come back next time.
2019-09-05 17:14Shuaimen Says:
RTM yesterday night.

Welcome me like a long lost lover. But she somehow still don\'t automatically remove my clothes. Never mind, i like a girl with character! Went to shower, came back out and OMG! She wore her nurse uniform! Immediately mylittle brother stand at attention! How come she don\'t offer FJ!!!
Those 2 twin peaks staring at me, managed to suck her pink nipples enough to let her moan leak out. She pushed me back down and began her massage. This time got her 2 ample breasts rubbing my back. Couldn\'t enjoy the massage, was hoping to fj her the whole time. So torturous!!
Still her massage very Pro and never lack effort!
Love that she had lots of strength which give a very Pro type massage which had a very soothing after effect.
Eventually shot my load out into her hands. We played and tickled each other while girlfriend boyfriend while my lil bro recharging. Shall not go into details for the 2nd round. But highly recommended.
2019-09-03 21:54Happy ending Says:
It’s her in person, initially thought online photos are fake. But nope it’s her. Granted some photoshop is done but who doesn\'t do photo filter nowadays. Her Long beautiful legs are real too. For $110 jus to see her in person it’s worth it. So guys dun ask too many request from her. If u are a guy who want many requests go find other girls. She is patience and chatty not rush. Verified a nice lady. Last word dun expect Big Bang affairs here, it’s just a simple relax massage n knowing a nice lady with excellent skills both in massage and her hj.
2019-09-03 21:43Jokers Says:
Please refer to pictures.. I personally rate her 8.5/10. but she\'s nice with her look as well

Height just nice for me. Big C cup, soft, nice nipples, kept sucking her tits for few times.. 

BBBJ: 9.5/10
The reason why 9.5 not because she can DT, she only reaches 70% of deepness. But at least she tried. But the way she look at me during her blowjob, the slowness her tongue lick my dickhead.. her suction is damn strong, that u can even see the vaccum from her cheeks.. managed to CIM my full white soldiers.

Can be improved points, she didn\'t shower with me after i shot my load out. Not a deal breaker. But could be great if she showered with me to continue on that gfe. But oh well, the massage already won me over.
2019-09-03 19:09阿信 Says:
2019-09-02 21:21Ralph Says:
Visited yiyi on last night, promised to write her a review so here i am. Excellent service from her & she treated you like a king, look beautiful the same as the photos & videos, The BJ was one of best I have experience, almost blow all into her cherry mouth. But must commend on her hdly, never experienced such orgasmic sensations before. Te way she stroked and rub your nipples while her oily hands make good work of yor bird. No wonder so hard to get an appointment with her. Anyway the whole experience are touched the 5 senses which is awesome in a certain way. great sound, touch and feel. I am not able to forget the feeling with her definitely i\'ll return and find her for more action until she goes back
2019-09-01 21:00Liopw Says:
Yiyi has the best pair of hands, my humble reviews on this lovely lady;

Looks: 8/10 (different people different perspective)
Massage: 10/10 (impeccable, she has set the standards high)
Body: 8/10
Sensual: 10/10 (HDLY was mind-blowing)
Hj: 10/10 (all the caressing and rhythm - go try it and you will know)
GFE: 7.5/10 (this is my 1st visit, I’m sure it will be better after few more returns)

Must commend on her HDLY, after she flipped me over, she gripped and gently stroked my bird. I don\'t know how she does it but it was very erotic, i could feel my sperms all getting ready swirling around like bubble tea pearls. It ws this twisting and rolling action that she did that ws just..special. couldn\'t take it anymore and just shot everything out while feeling dizzy at the same time. Absolutely love it. Will rtm again. Hopefully she doesn\'t go back so soon!
2019-09-01 14:57RealFR Says:
Visited her yesterday. She was very sweet and sexy. Boobs are real and nipple good to play. Her voice make me so hard. A gem. Please take care
2019-08-31 12:10Admin Says:
2019-08-30 15:42feng Says:
2019-08-29 21:42Zeon Says:
Gfe 100% and very friendly.
The apartment environment is very clean.
Loves her big natural boobs and nice blowjob.Even though I accidently sprayed on her hair but she was not angry abt dat.
Good attitude and service will definitely go back again
2019-08-29 18:40暖男 Says:

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