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Name 姓名 : 4069号 Xiao Yu 小玉

Age 年龄 : 25 Years Old

Height 身高 : 160cm

Boobs 胸围 : 36C

Room & CD Included 包房包套


Apartment 公寓




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2019-09-10 23:22Expunged19 Says:
Absolutely good service. Catbath all over the back. Hungry babe. Very satisfying.
Looks wise milfy but very well maintained. Nice soft c cuppers
Very real and wet bad. Can paint can french. Enjoys my company.
2019-09-05 01:50龙(青铜会员) Says:
2019-09-01 14:35小哥 Says:
2019-08-25 14:56Alpha Says:
She has a different kind of beauty quite different from the photos. Pleasant massage, she licked my ass, was very touchy feely with me. Will return for her. :)
2019-08-24 20:50劈腿娘 Says:
GFE 100%
For bros who need a gfe experience. Please look for her.
She is definitely a gem and won\'t be staying in Singapore for long
Please take care of her.

2019-08-24 01:33Ben Says:
Her massage skill is really good, makes me feel relaxed and comfortable. Real person is the same as photos. Highly recommended.
2019-08-24 01:14 Says:
2019-08-21 21:41好色娃娃 Says:
和她啪啪更是无法形容,E cup 胸部柔软光滑,又富有弹性,真是爱不释手,弟弟被她吸到差点喷射,下次去继续和她汇合!
2019-08-20 18:23Swift Says:
She is friendly and hardworking .
She will try her best to accommodate to your need.
Her massage skill was good, too bad I don’t have enough time for it..
Will take 90min session next time.

2019-08-20 15:19小明 Says:
2019-08-20 12:14Tim Says:
Wow this girl really looks much better in person. Her pictures don’t do her any justice,was expecting a MILF, but it turned out to be a SYT instead.
2019-08-19 22:27Night hunter Says:
BBJ 10/10
FJ 9/10 she like doggie wet wet wet
Room is clean 10/10
Wool RTF
2019-08-17 14:32AB18 Says:
GFE additive
Place is clean . 地方干净。
2019-08-16 23:22Night hunter Says:
2019-08-16 20:00老枪 Says:
2019-08-16 14:15Tony Says:
美女又白又滑服务很棒,也很好聊。 妹妹好多水也很紧。
2019-08-16 13:26Cock21 Says:
This girl is very sweet and genuine.Making love to get is like making love to your gf or wife, no commercial feel at all. I enjoyed my session with her immensely.Will definitely rtf.
2019-08-15 21:32Joe Says:
No video show

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