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Name 姓名 : 3993号 Xiao Ya 小雅

Age 年龄 : 21 Years Old

Height 身高 : 163cm

Boobs 胸围 : 34B

Room & CD Included 包房包套

EAST (东部)

Hougang 后港

$130/1Shot 1次/60mins


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2019-08-18 19:09Mrhe Says:
There pros and cons, she is really my type, SYT, the boobs although is B cup, is frim but soft.
The cons is not much GFE, maybe inexperience
Overall still ok , i give 7/10
I might RTF if got extra VIT M
2019-08-18 01:16Zoro Says:
No reply.. am I blocked?
2019-08-14 14:12一夜五次狼 Says:
Test drive her the other day. Although she is not much of a looker and has small breast, this girl compensates by her hardworking attitude and high performance services. I must say her Bbbj took me by surprise, skilfully done with combination of slow-fast-slow-fast suction. The tongue licking of the dick head and balls made it damn hard to resist. In the FJ area, she is engaging and naughty. It is like she know what i desire and provided me the best sex ever. I do and truely enjoying fucking her. This hot chick is definitely on my RTF list!
2019-08-07 00:52Language(青铜会员) Says:
2019-08-06 11:13Momoko Says:
Why her passport picture was removed ? Was it fake ?
2019-08-04 14:42dengyu Says:
2019-08-04 01:07七少 Says:
Very good looking syt, slim and pretty. Sex is solid, guess it has to work both ways.
Rare gem hence rtf totally
2019-08-03 22:28Night hunter Says:
No GFE .....normal service
2019-08-06 22:13Night hunter Says:
Me be not my day....hahaha
2019-08-06 16:03霸雷(白银会员) Says:
Y u wrote twice? So bad meh?
2019-08-03 18:29Romeo520(青铜会员) Says:
2019-08-03 08:57Night hunter Says:
Pussy is nice but dry and no GFE.
2019-08-02 14:09Language(青铜会员) Says:

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