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Name 姓名 : 3971号 Mi Mi 蜜蜜

Age 年龄 : 24 Years Old

Height 身高 : 165cm

Boobs 胸围 : 36D

Room & CD Included 包房包套


Hotel work 酒店开工

$150/1Shot 1次60mins


联系时请说从天上人间看来的! Please say see






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2019-08-19 21:51老司机 Says:
2019-08-20 03:26老司机 Says:
他先在封了我号码,也不打算约他了. 我有到酒店,简讯他到了才说没订房间....不是他说早通知没收到......
2019-08-20 01:13老司机 Says:
Greatly disappointed but inversely I dated another girl instead. well my day paid off. She dun mind and I am fine. Web master please give your girl some guidance. Otherwise this snowball is rolling bigger in times.
2019-08-19 06:02老司机 Says:
2019-08-15 16:56老司机 Says:
其实我想表扬密密. 昨天有闲来看览网忽见到了密密网. 看了密密我好喜欢大奶可爱,她口交影片赢了我的心
本下定决心不再啪啪妹媚了。实再受不了密密的奶,口活. 问了密密她知道我计录有人黑但是她肯接纳我.

2019-08-20 12:35老司机 Says:
2019-08-15 14:411am Says:
She is a gem to serve. Has a great attitude and I loved her boobs and ass. Seems awesome bowjob
2019-08-14 19:58W Says:
Just finished a session with this babe. Cute looking with real big assets. Her butt is firm and big. I especially enjoy the way she lick my little bro. As for fj, she is accommodating to different positions. Banging her in front of the mirror is really pleasurable. Another plus point is her bubbly personality, teasing you and making you very comfortable. Strongly recommended for boobs and butt lovers
2019-08-15 23:46Big brother Says:
Special recommendations for cock suckings
2019-08-09 12:49Mac Says:
Just had a session with this beauty! Great attitude and willing to chat.
One of the best I had recently. Please take good care of her.

Face: 9/10
Body: 9/10 nice soft boobs.
BBBJ: 9/10 I’m a rubber person, but she is willing to accommodate
FJ: 10/10 as said by the bro below, she is the shy shy type, unique experience just like you gf.
2019-08-09 01:20Sky Says:
She is a pretty and cute sexy lady.
Her blowjob will blow your mind off
She willing to follow your instructions to all different type of position you request
Her breast is super big
Face 8/10
Blowjob 8/10
Sex 8/10
Overall rate 8/10
Will RTF to her again.
2019-08-09 01:17anbasd Says:
say can\'t take as my number is not registered. how to register number?
2019-08-07 23:01DragonofSinga Says:
Just came back from a visit to a central location.

Mimi is the type of girl that you want to bring her home to greet your parents, hahaha.

Excellent attitude and super willing to please.

Face: 9/10 (Close to photo but cuter in real life) Body: 8/10 (Slightly Ba Ba but the boobs is big and my type)
BBBJ: Not bad, but i was too focused on her tits.... Making love to rubba it...

FJ: EXCELLENT! As she is relatively shy, its quite an experience. Whats more is doing it in front of the mirror...

RTF? 1000% She take classes in the day la so be patience when arranging a meeting with her.

2019-08-01 22:09没药救雨 Says:
Visited MiMi. A very pretty girl and sexy girl. Willing to please. She is really good at sucking balls and deep throat my penis. Nearly wasted my money before FJ. Nearly come when she rides on me because of her boobs brushing my face. Change a few positions before coming. Worth every penny. Will visit her again when bullet refill.
2019-07-31 14:04雨仔 Says:
Face: 9/10
Body: 9/10
Boobs: 10/10 for boobs lover. Small little nipples.
Massage: 7/10 恒不错。
FJ: 10/10 willing to accommodate all positions 很配合,很会享受爱爱的美女。做了20分钟。
2019-07-30 07:16Dennis Says:

2019-07-30 01:06小帅 Says:
2019-07-29 23:01西门一庆 Says:
2019-07-29 16:50Benn Says:

今天去找了蜜蜜,她给我的感觉很好,很舒服。她的双胸大的不得了,哥们不要错过哦。蜜蜜刚刚来,很新鲜,请善待她,还有她没什么脾气,不做作,很温柔体贴!各位请尊重她,那么你就会有一个美好时光。 其他的不用我再多说,有的服务都有,真的很棒!蜜蜜说:要我们开心,她就心满意足,很体贴!电话响,她也不接,说不要被打扰。这样的女孩子真的态度很好,别错过了哦!
2019-07-29 16:11Leon100(青铜会员) Says:
visited this beauty today and my, she really look like my friend’s Wife! With two nice dimples! I always envy him with such a beautiful Wife. Today I tasted everything about her. Mi Mi is every bit a sweet and nice lady! Very new to this line and had not had sex for a while. She was came earlier than me and was really in orgasm before me! I was so afraid she alarmed the next door people!

Face: she is really a beauty! With dimples
Body: she is tall for a girl at 165cm with baby fats but I feel okay as I like it this way
Boobs: really big but I was hoping it to be firm and bouncy but still good to hold
Kiss: light kissing allow
Abalone: she is too shy to allow painting so did not try out of respect for her
Massage: she is able to do some light touches and really soothing
FJ: really mind boggling as she chided me for changing position when she is climaxing, whadda....

A cute pretty lady waiting for my return!

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