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Name 姓名 : 3954号 Man Man 曼曼

Age 年龄 : 26 Years Old

Height 身高 : 163cm

Boobs 胸围 : 34C

Room 包房


Novena 诺维娜



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2019-08-11 18:09Ah Huat Says:
當然最精彩是那個啦。。。身才一流。她一邊按,我一邊摸。。啊。。。sibei song!! shoot until no tomorrow :) 好像跟小明星做一樣 :)
2019-07-31 14:04GGG george Says:
Yesterday visited sexy milf for the first time. The 2 hours massage session was really professional type and of high quality. She knew where are the stiff part, skillfully unlocking all the stiffness from the neck, to the back, and to the legs. She said that she learnt JG from a Thai master. A must try if you are looking for wellness and care to your manhood. Definitely RTM and worth the money given the quality massage. Location is easy to find, by the way, she allows me auto roaming on upper body and bbbj is awesome to enjoy.
2019-07-29 23:29小榮哥 Says:
I think she is a very nice girl. She makes me feel very happy and easy to go with / talk to. Although she did not provide make love service, I think i still totally enjoy the session. Good massage, and very sincere service. And she is also good looking and someone you are more than happy to bring home or introduce to your friends. She will only be here for fewer than 2 months. Maybe you should act fast and try.
2019-07-27 22:52Philip Lim Says:
真人真漂亮…… 其实她就比照片还漂亮啊!为人就是亲切爱笑,很容易说话的。

之后就调情…… 呵呵……受不了....

2019-07-27 16:01sg1234 Says:
A beautiful girl with sexy figure, enjoyed my full session with her and must commend that she is very professional and will not short change you. She is hardworking and did not use her mobile when with me which is very hard to find nowadays. Will definitely rtm for this extraordinary and classy beauty.

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