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Name 姓名 : 3950号 Mu Mu 沐沐

Age 年龄 : 24 Years Old

Height 身高 : 160cm

Boobs 胸围 : 34B

Room & CD Included 包房包套


Apartment 公寓

$100/1Shot 1次/60mins

$130/2Shot 2次/60mins


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2019-10-20 21:37仔仔 Says:
2019-09-24 20:01Leeeng Says:
2019-09-18 19:09眼睛哥哥 Says:
2019-09-15 17:54Mumufan Says:
A hidden gem, but too bad she is flying back on 23rd. Good massage, never play with phone, and give you the GFE gaogao.
Another good thing is she never rush as i overshoot by 10-15 mins because of the massage

Although video is not good, she looks like the photos esp. main photo
2019-09-11 20:35Sumos Says:
Last night went to find her again very nice young girl and before I left she told me she going back soon
2019-09-08 16:32小钢炮 Says:
2019-09-02 09:05大立 Says:
2019-08-17 21:49Sumos Says:
2019-08-16 00:45小气榴莲 Says:
2019-08-13 21:31曰本小色狼 Says:
我刚才约了沐沐 她的服务 值得介绍 给狼友们
2019-08-08 17:38Teerak Says:
Virgin FR. But for her and bros

Opened the door was this syt standing in front of me wearing this pink silk nightie.
Smiling shyly because this is her first time in this line.
She then lead me to the room n this is when the action started.
She helped me take off my voters and we went to the shower. Soaped me up n after washing me she gave me a short bj while kneeling down.feel like a lord

Then we went back on the bed and she started teasing my nipples with her tongue before proceeding down south and deep throating me slowly
After a while cannot tahan and ask her to cap me. Because I was tired it took me a while and a few positions before I came. But she never complain. Can tell she like it fast n furious though

But the pest part is when I cum. She cum as well... With her trembling and squeezing every last drop outta me.

Rtf? Definitely
2019-08-08 12:29大力 Says:
2019-07-31 19:08很爽 Says:
31/7 早上约了沐沐。右上角第四张最像她本人。沐沐很文柔也很漂亮。她的服务也是一流。我先侍侯她让她流了好多水,搞得她受不了,我们就开始爱爱。和她做得太爽了。下次再约她。
2019-07-31 15:45常客 Says:
2019-07-30 19:00Satisfied customer Says:
Tried this young girl today. Fairly new to the trade but easy going and will accommodate my request. Wouldn\'t go into stats as it quite individual but overall will rate 9/10 for the services she gave me.
2019-07-27 19:15Lau Says:
2019-07-27 15:32 Says:
I tried her! The pictures indeed a bit blur but in real she is a real beauty, nice figure , smooth skin, pretty face. Very fresh . So happy to know her. Can’t wait to visit her again. Very sweet and nice girl pls dun bully her or take advantage.
好女孩 很可爱,很适合做女朋友。 是我的菜
2019-07-26 22:05StarShip Says:
Photos looks Good but video very badly done... lousy quality....Blurrr....Cameraman Failed!!!
Waiting for Commando\'s FR

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