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Name 姓名 : 3634号 Fan Fan 凡凡

Age 年龄 : 26 Years Old

Height 身高 : 167cm

Boobs 胸围 : 36C

Room 包房

NORTH (北部)

Admiralty 海军部



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2019-07-16 20:35 Says:
2019-07-15 17:44无敌 Says:
约了几次 今天终于约到 本人比照片好看很多 一见面好惊喜 拍照的技术不好 把她拍丑了 本人超级白嫩而去说话声音也好听 下个星期在约妹妹
2019-07-14 00:11天天向上 Says:
2019-07-03 23:32Ah Peh Says:
This is my fourth time visiting her.
Enjoy her beauty and her massage alot.Her eyes and face, 100% will make you fall for her. She is such a elegant gal that with my countless visit to so many different gals, she is by far the most beauty lady that i can find among the gals. She is real and down to earth. All she wants is to make you enjoy the HJ and a great massage. I cant stop but to think of the way she HJ and looks at you. Wonderful and resting time spent. She will be my RTM till she return to China. I missed her !!!
2019-06-29 14:54LONG Says:
2019-06-21 16:47Peter Tang Says:
Fan Fan is a beautiful and polite lady.
This is the first time I am caught by surprise that
the actual person is much younger and prettier than
her photos.
Her massage is good and she treats you like her boy friend.
I hope brothers here will give her a chance to serve you
and I am sure to RTM.
2019-06-14 21:52Aries Says:
『Fan Fan』
From -

Age - 25++
Attitude/GFE - Genuine, Friendly, Chatty

Body - Tall, Baby Fat, Sexy and very Busty. Good body.
Boobs - I\'ll say it\'s a C+. Natural & Soft.

Looks - Pleasant Looking. (7/10) The mole on her face spoil the look.
Language - Chinese
Location - GL. with and without transport (8/10).
Inside Lor 2X. There is a bus-stop outside the main road.

The Massage - is above average, as she used work at Liangzi Foot Massage in China (9/10)
Teasing is reasonable Good. Topless. Nipple kissing. Not nude as she having period. (7/10)

HJ - Not bad. (8/10) for her effort. HJ hardly satisfy me, until She show me her \"Ultimate\".
BBBJ - She roam/kiss/tease around. So not really consider BBBJ. (6/10).
CBJ - (8/10).

Overall - Good (8/10)
I\'m her 2nd customer and yesterday is her 2nd day in town. Everything is new and I\'m sure she will settle in well. She is accommodating,and she put in effort to make me cum, I\'ll scores above average in most aspect.

RTM - Yes.
2019-06-14 13:29Andy Says:
2019-06-14 13:10 Says:
凡凡小姐是一个可爱又服务达标的人,今天我是她第一个客人,(她是剛到新加坡) 希望狼群多加留意,包你们滿意。
2019-06-15 11:12 Says:

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