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颜值系 性感火辣 特色毒龙 欢迎预约!

Name 姓名 : 3595号 Xiao Hui 小慧

Age 年龄 : 22 Years Old

Height 身高 : 165cm

Boobs 胸围 : 34D

Room & CD Included 包房包套


Apartment 公寓

$120/1Shot 1次/60mins



联系时请说从天上人间看来的! Please say see







2019-06-17 15:37大哥 Says:
2019-06-16 18:04Nick Says:
Real photo..

Very young and more like gf than commercial. Nice feeling.

Told her what I like and she focus on it. Very servixe focus. Slow and turbo BBBJ.. Recommendation is go go go..
2019-06-16 12:01AhChoo(青铜会员) Says:
Just visited her last night. Confirm photo is real. In fact, real person looks much younger and prettier. Service is great and she is very patience. GFE is excellent. Must RTF
2019-06-16 10:03bedroomNinja Says:
sweet and cute looking, warm personality with nice body and tight abalone...not for boobs specialists, but she is passionate and responsive in bed.
2019-06-12 01:04 Says:
2019-06-11 00:05Big D Says:
Visited xiao Hui..90% Same as photos..Person is nice and gentle and sweet voice..Gave me a long and powerful bbbj..If not strong enough sure CIM..After bbbj caps on..Held her legs high high and let me go in ..Deep and powerful thrusts..She is wet.. Hardworking and willing to please..Will RTF.
2019-06-10 22:29温柔的小男人(青铜会员) Says:
2019-06-10 22:26温柔的男人 Says:
2019-06-10 20:57男妖精 Says:
刚刚约了小慧 本人与照片一样 年轻漂亮,特别性感。进门后首先来个拥抱聊了一会天 就一块冲凉,到了床上舔起來的反应整个身体在抖,吹的感觉很要命,还捉蛋蛋来玩,吹不到一分鐘我就叫停,不然就射出來了。小屁股白圓滑又結實,摸的手感一流。最喜欢她的吻,她抱着我吻遍全身,感觉就是死去活来。还有还有,波白滑圆又漂亮,手感特別好,,感觉是不得了,了不得,双方都不想放。用舌头舔那粉紅的小乳头,她又是喔喔叫,一直要。玩了二十分钟,太兴份了,小妹妹早就水流成河了, 放了套就插,她喊了一声,双手搂着我的腰,屁股一直向上翘 。几分钟我就忘乎所以了 超有女朋友感觉 肯定回头。记住 你对小慧好。小慧也会照顾好你的。

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