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Name 姓名 : 3556号 Xia Tian 夏天

Age 年龄 : 24 Years Old

Height 身高 : 168cm

Boobs 胸围 : 34B

Room & CD Included 包房包套


Hotel work 酒店开工

$180/1Shot 1次/60mins



联系时请说从天上人间看来的! Please say see







2019-06-25 08:58Earl Says:
Looks and sounds like chinese period drama lead lady.
Super gentle and warm. Kind heart.
Her love making was great !!
Boobs not big but ample, beautiful and smooth.
Nipples just perfect size and shape though for sucking.
Worth it and will rtf.
2019-06-12 09:52Levine (青铜会员) Says:
Had a wonderful session with her. Went in the room first thing she helps you strip down naked. Fast forward her bbbj was out of this world. The way she looks at you while stroking and sucking your cock give me the thrills. FJ was awesome. Fucking her while she licks your neck shows you she loves it. Definetly recommended brothers. Rtf
2019-06-10 18:26Workers Party Says:
Forget to write now fr

Looks: neighbour’s grown up daughter 7.9/10
Body:slim gal next door 8/10
Boobs: small B 8/10
Fj:ok seems used quite a lot seasoned pussy.. 8/10
Bbbj: very sensational, strong suction from mouth intermediate DT. 10/10
GFE: 7.5/10 seems rush but decent to ask your request
Rtf: maybe if money permits.

Overall: 8.5 someone buy her foods pls she is hungry and lacks energy.
2019-06-08 16:23J Says:
Pretty petite lady , responsive however tried to book twice but fully booked on two attempts . Managed to book on the third try.
2019-06-07 23:41NT Says:
A very interesting girl, had a good conversation with her, she try her best to satisfy and she is very hard working during the whole session. Prefect if you like girl with tall and slim body. She got cute little breast and her pussy is really tight, I enjoy my time with her.
2019-06-07 23:15Ben98(青铜会员) Says:
2019-06-07 21:10Awesome BJ Says:
Slim petite gentle girl with resemble of my sex goddess Hong Kong actress ShuQi >60% around. Her body with B breast skinny frame make out like ShuQi. The little pebble nipple seems dark brownish when aroused becomes pretty like 小红豆 awakened cute nipples is savoury. Below is bushy good for bush wackers. She gives awesome blowjob, good suction with mouth cheeks smacked in when she sucks. Authentic blowjob 100% not some whiny slurp and mouth actions play. Least unfortunate today did not come out the foreplay is good but the main course dropped to 50% but it is still consider a measurable work by her. She is seem tired, maybe without any food to replenish energy and same for me shed tired body. Overall a pleasant nice girl, my dream star Shuqi is here.

2019-06-07 16:51齐天唐僧 Says:
going to try her tonight
2019-06-07 16:17Ben Says:
本人比照片好看~ 性格超级好,超级温柔
如果必须给分数,那他就是个 11/10 的小姐姐
2019-06-07 09:01水平面 Says:
Gonna update ya guys after visit this beauty.
2019-06-05 00:32牛车水 Says:
2019-06-03 11:25Neutral Guy Says:
2019-06-02 16:46Zee Says:
She’s one fantastic girl. Cute, chatty, petite and passionate. Feels so real and non-commercial. I couldn’t get my eyes off her as she has a certain look of elegance. I’d love to spend more time with her. Please be kind to her.
2019-06-01 21:11Zee Says:
Very good! She’s a very cute girl who is friendly and chatty. Oval shaped face with a class of elegance, the type i like. She has a slim body and has a nice touch of personality. Passionate and doesn’t feel commercial.
2019-06-01 10:18小虫(白银会员) Says:
31th May 2019

FR on 夏天

颜值:8, 可爱型美女,萌萌的
身高:165cm, slim not fat
胸: 小B
Frenching: passionate style

BJ: 不错,feel the suction, 吹时会看着我,眼神交流!
Paint: 舔一下就整个人缩起来,好敏感,下面好湿
FJ: 8/10, quite responsive and accomadating, below tight
RTF: 会回头,她人是不错的,很健谈,萌萌这样!

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