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Name 姓名 : 3544号 An Ni 安妮

Age 年龄 : 25 Years Old

Height 身高 : 160cm

Boobs 胸围 : 34B

Room 包房


Orchard 乌节路




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2019-06-21 20:41Roy Says:
Amazing experience with her! Really one of the better ones out there :) don’t miss her Bros!
2019-06-09 15:34蓝色人 Says:
最好的CIM和美丽的按摩女士之一, 她温柔友善,最重要的是她很有耐心,乳头是粉红色的,非常好的gf感觉。 很好的按摩。 cim是我尝试过的最好的之一。请不要错过这个宝石。
2019-06-09 03:02TikTok Says:
2019-06-09 02:43弟子 Says:
服务很好。 按摩力度很好。 真人更漂亮。 当她HJ你时她有闷热的样子。 皮肤白皙光滑。 她有我见过的最好的按摩女孩子 房间和厕所很干净。一定要去。
2019-06-08 22:17Happy Man Says:
One of the best CIM and beautiful massage lady. She is gentle and friendly and most importantly she is patient. GF feeling is 200%. Room is clean and tidy. Please not do miss this gem. 200% will return
2019-06-05 16:31nick Says:
she is very pretty. vey fair good figure. nipple is pink. very low mileage. very good gf feeling. good massage. cim is one of the best i ever try. new in this line. must try.
2019-06-04 00:28K Says:
So far, it\'s one of the most beautiful and hot massage girls I\'ve ever met! The service is in place, from room entry to the end of the service is very good. I like her company very much. She knows her stuff very well, and massage is comfortable. HJ moves slowly and sexy. It\'s worth 10/10 of her effort! RTM: Yes!

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