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Name 姓名 : 3368号 Mi Mi 咪咪

Age 年龄 : 28 Years Old

Height 身高 : 158cm

Boobs 胸围 : 34D

Room 包房


Apartment 公寓




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2019-05-18 10:31Kk Says:
Mimi massage ichiban!!
2019-05-17 09:42Cuminator Says:
Late FR for MiMi:
Attractive slim MILF that have a bright personality and could converse at length.
Her massage is no joke good. Haha. I could usually take hard massages. Hence, I made the mistake of telling her that I could take hard kneading before she even began. That was when she felt challenged and gave me a good heavy rub. The first time I surrender to a masseur. Never have I felt that kind of strength. So trust me if you like good hard massage, she is the one. The finale was playful and fun as we have chemistry together. Definitely in my list of RTM. Bros who love a good hard massage should never give her a miss.
2019-05-15 16:21小k Says:
a professional clean room, powerful SM, I will go back look for her again.
2019-05-14 22:50小马哥 Says:
2019-05-14 04:42JOYSEXMANIC(青铜会员) Says:
Try her unique JG n prostrate massage that ease our pressure at prostrate area, who sat whole day on working. Very prof masseur who teach massage skill course.
2019-05-14 04:44JOYSEXMANIC(青铜会员) Says:
Make sure you bring a small towel to wipe ur tears for prostrate massage. Hard to find gem for past 18months...
2019-05-13 18:16Erice Says:
Mimi is a professional masseur, The whole room was clean,clean and large.Her message is strong and powerful, you will go back look for her again after the message
2019-05-13 06:37funny4sg Says:
Tried MiMi for the first time on 12th May 2019.
She is an attractive and slim MILF. Boobs is small but natural.
Her oil massage is excellent (10/10), the best that I have seen in recent years -- must try her neck and back massage.
Sensual part was nicely done : we had chemistry and had a good time together.
She stays in a single apartment and it is nice, clean and of a decent size.
Location is convenient via car and public transport.
GFE is high.
RTM : definitely.
Do support her. - funny4sg
2019-05-11 18:56广东小狼君 Says:
专业按摩师 长得甜美 服务很好 100%回头
2019-05-10 07:31四哥 Says:
2019-05-09 21:09快90的胖子 Says:
是位专业的按摩师 按的很到位 请诸位善待

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