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Name 姓名 : 3261号 Ke Ke 可可

Age 年龄 : 25 Years Old

Height 身高 : 162cm

Boobs 胸围 : 34B

Room 包房

NORTH (北部)

Yishun 义顺




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2019-05-21 11:33RELAX Says:
2019-05-01 21:05Big D Says:
Visited keke last night.. Everything was complaints.. Fat bastard comments can be trusted... Will RTF
2019-05-03 00:26Fat bastard Says:
Thanks bro Big D.
Some fuckers here flamed me for my honest comments leh
2019-05-01 19:49Albert Says:
Sexy pussy, no hair, no butterfly. Very fair. First class service. 70 only, cannot believe.
2019-04-29 14:43Shooter Says:
Like the bros said service gao gao provides the entire service written above.French during showers and fj will RTF again till she go back. Thanks Ke Ke
2019-04-26 03:34Fat bastard Says:
Visited her
Really good man
Suck my cork long time
Fj pussy fucking tight I love it
She screamed n watered all on d bed shivering... Rtf for sure... Tip her for her good service...
2019-04-24 23:27没事做 Says:
2019-04-24 22:35Megaman Says:
All bros must try this gem, Keke, she’s a really really great girl. First of all, I love how polite and mature a demeanour she has, even though her looks is that of an syt(yes she looks much better than in the photo), she has a very matured vibe, among her overall a very classy girl. Secondly, she’s extremely willing to please: she helped me shower, pressed her body against me while I was facing the back, very much like a Girlfriend, she gives very very good head, she cuddles and hugs you first like a Girlfriend would, before licking your whole body down to your penis, I’m surprised at how slow she licks, you can tell she really just wants to please, this was the closest I’ve come to a literal, legit cat bath. Then, she also goes crazy when doing the ass rimming, in fact she rimmed my ass the longest that any other girls have done before, and I’ve visited ALOT of girls tbh, I was already very tired from work and all that, so my cock , since it had ALOT of stimulation from her BJ, started to go limp, but I kid you not, she tried EVERYTHING, to make my cock hard again, and finally, she found my weakness, she started frenching me like a Super horny schoolgirl, her drenching is extremely satisfying, it’s like the mix of a Girlfriend (cause it’s so passionate) and a horny slut( cause she really wanted it, she sucked my tongue until it almost came off). Then once I was hard, and the Long foreplay was over, i fucked her, fucked her hard, frenching all the way, and when I came, she’s one of those good service girls who don’t rush you to take your cock out, instead, i came finish inside the condom for like 10 more spurts, and she hugged me tightly while I did so, if I didn’t have the condom on, it would’ve felt like a Wife want you to get her pregnant and plant your seed inside her. After that, she still have me one last kiss before I slowly remove my cock. We then showered, she offered to shower with me but I said no cause I was already really tired. Trust me, you won’t regret, her body and looks plus service are worth those $150 girls, $70 for this level of service and looks and body is a fucking steal bros, truly found a secret gem, I probably would become her regular customer. Be nice and gentle to her, she will definitely bring you to the moon.
2019-04-24 15:15Mr.X Says:
23/04/2019 去找过小姐姐 服务超级无敌好 是我目前为止唯一觉得服务态度我满意到超出我想象的要去.各位同道中人可以去尝试一下
2019-04-22 10:48忆龙 Says:

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