Girl Details/女孩详细

颜值系 身材火辣 特色毒龙 抢先体验!

Name 姓名 : 3222号 Liu Jing 刘静

Age 年龄 : 22 Years Old

Height 身高 : 166cm

Boobs 胸围 : 36C

Room & CD Included 包房包套


Hotel work 酒店开工

$140/1Shot 1次/60mins



联系时请说从天上人间看来的! Please say see







2019-04-24 00:48224 Says:
2019-04-21 11:01xixi Says:
亲切 跟女朋友一样 很有耐心 身材好 声音好听

2019-04-20 01:46qige Says:
Visited her on good friday. She is too good that i have to write this review to share with all the bros.good thing must share.
Like what others have mentioned. Her GFE is super high.
Treat u like her lover. Super hardworking.i took very long to release.she never complain a single word.i can feel she really wanna make me happy.this.type.of.girl hard to find.pretty girl alot but to really service u to her standard is very difficult to find.dont waste this chance if she return u will regret .
2019-04-18 14:50TOP Gun Says:
Yesterday just visited LiuJing, not easy to find a girl next door friend type nowadays, no rush or any sense of commercial, as my leg was injured, she really care and show concern! Really enjoy the whole session with her, definitely will be back again..
2019-04-17 19:55Storylover Says:
A simple FR im giving bro a headup about this girl.
I will group her as undiscovered gem in terms of looks & service.

Points for your reference
Look- 9/10 unless you’re asking for a super model’s look.
Bbbj- 10/10 Received the helicopter style bbbj + cim. Nothing else kore i can ask for more.
Catbath cum boobs massage- 9.9/10, lack of 0.1 incase for bro who have even better ones.
Fj- 10/10 i did at least 20mins on fj alone. I would shout that her moans & willingness to please, hardly others can beat it.
Gfe- 10/10 Pefect for me, no rush is a critical point, repeating checking if im ok with this and that.
Rtf- very soon!

Anything or else more details require? Wechat me- hexagon818.
Nothing worth more than a true FR.
2019-04-16 18:00Qing Says:
2019-04-16 15:55j j j Says:
2019-04-16 06:40Alex Says:
2019-04-15 20:31六点半的师哥 Says:
2019-04-15 17:02Alex Says:
真人比照片更美。非常好的女子,服务非常好,很用心服务我。请大家好好对待她 !

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