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Name 姓名 : 2938号 Xing Chen 星辰

Age 年龄 : 23 Years Old

Height 身高 : 162cm

Boobs 胸围 : 34C

Room 包房


Apartment 公寓




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2019-04-21 08:23Laksa Says:
Very sexy lady,service orientated
Massage is good. Recommend to all bros
2019-04-21 04:28WeeNam Says:
Had a session last night,Perfect looking with fantastic skill, gfe 200%, she even help me to fold my shirt nicely before session started, I can’t even find a word to describe how wonderful full experience I’ve been through tonight, especially the bbbj bring me to heaven really recommend u to find out by your own. I’m sure u wouldn’t regret. Will definitely return soon. Thank you xing Chen give me such a beautiful night.
2019-04-15 22:42小猫猫 Says:
2019-04-15 22:05David Says:

Highly recommend to all Bros. Very sedusive and skillful massage. RTM for sure.
2019-04-15 21:26小小虎 Says:

2019-04-13 19:35Gugu Says:
Look 10/10
Bbbj plus hj 9/10
Service and gfe 9/10
Rtf 10/10
2019-04-08 23:58Liu11(青铜会员) Says:
10/10 same as photo and good looking. Impressive service. Overalll is geat!好评。值得尝试
2019-04-08 19:55 Says:
Location: 9/10 一分扣在因为是亚龙,可是妹妹一个人住又cosy。地方也偏僻

Looks: 9/10 和照片差不多。我去的时候没化妆也漂亮。

Body: 8/10 胸大大
2019-04-07 17:18Jeremy Says:
Sexy girl with great smile

Location: easy to find
Face: sweet innocent look
Bbbj: almost CIM
Massage : strong and relax
Overall : nice girl and please take good care of her.
2019-04-03 12:36哈密瓜 Says:
Very pretty lady, actual looks same as photo, massage was ok. Boobs was firm and big
. Bj was good with right amount of movement and speed. Overall a satisfied service. Will RTM
2019-03-31 15:18322(青铜会员) Says:
人长得很美。胸部大,皮肤好,声音非常好听。太会调情了。态度很好,女友感十足。我给她 9/10
2019-03-27 18:41Mr X Says:
Very charming and chatty girl. Enjoy every minute with her.Naughty GEF.Highly recommended.
2019-03-26 23:30Kong Says:
10/10 having a great time with her.
2019-03-26 15:49红衣人 Says:
2019-03-25 13:20值得 Says:
2019-03-25 01:42滑板 Says:
2019-03-24 22:37Tom Says:
10/10 pretty girl
10/10 good service
2019-03-20 22:45G-outoftwohundredmar Says:
话不多说。Eighty marks.
2019-03-19 20:00Indezfinger Says:
Booked her on 8pm slot. No regrets. Still the same as before.

Looks 9.5 (easily the prettiest in ml industry)
Body 9
Gfe 10
Bj 8.5
Overall 9.5
Rtm 100%(will be my regular ml for sure)

The only downside is the location in garea.

2019-03-19 14:11背包客 Says:
2019-03-16 00:34J Says:
Looks: 9/10 very pretty, 很耐看
Body: 8/10 meaty on the right place, boobs lovers fall in
Massage: 8/10 will put in alot of effort of soften the spots that is hard
Bj/hj: 10/10 one of the best bj i have had! Long flexible tongue, what more to say!
Gfe: 11/10 totally no commercial feels
Rtm: once every week for 2 mths already, would like to keep this gem for myself but she request for this review
2019-03-14 17:56小哥哥 Says:
Her real person is definitely prettier than the photos, massage was quite good and comfortable.
She has great figure and big soft boobs just nice to grab.
BJ and HJ have rhythm and are out of the world!
Definitely will find her again!
2019-03-13 22:48Funkyoulah Says:
Looks: 10/10 - prettier than photo I think
Body: 9/10 nicely shaped boobs and figure.
Massage: 8/10 solid 15-20 mins of proper massage
HJ/BJ: 10/10 this girl got rhythm, and rhythm is EVERYTHING.
GFE: 10/10 foreplay was fucking awesome!
Service and attitude: 10/10. Friendly, made me feel comfortable
RTM: already booked!
2019-03-13 16:00Wildthing Says:
My opinions
1. Very polite
2. Chatty
3. Very nice boobs
2019-03-12 13:48我屁股很丑 Says:
2019-03-12 13:45不小心的人 Says:
2019-03-11 10:37AlwaysYoung Says:
Just met this gorgeous babe yesterday night, and i got to say i\'m totally blown away by her looks and GFE.

First of all, she looks exactly the same as in the video, very beautiful and seductive.

Massage was good, but when it comes to the fun part, her BJ was super sensual accompanied by her strong GFE.

I was having a really good time with her and will definitely return for her service again.

2019-03-10 15:33John Says:
10/10 fantastic girl young girl. She is more beautiful than her picture. C cup boobs. Her massage is really good and will rtf her again before she leave the shore
2019-03-09 21:48asf Says:
10/10 very good service. Will rtm for sure
2019-03-09 18:03Chenfeng Says:
2019-03-09 17:01我屁股很丑 Says:

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