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Name 姓名 : 2907号 Angelia

Age 年龄 : 25 Years Old

Height 身高 : 160cm

Boobs 胸围 : 38D

Room & CD Included 包房包套


Apartment 公寓

$100/2Shot 2次/60mins



联系时请说从天上人间看来的! Please say see







2019-04-15 12:47悟我 Says:
2019-04-13 09:43茗哥 Says:
2019-04-10 13:25豆豆 Says:
2019-04-08 10:20 Says:
2019-04-06 12:59Asa Says:
Angelia! I\'ve been engaged for several days. Her schedule is very full. The technique is really good. No wonder so many people came to see her. I hope she can come back earlier this time.
2019-03-30 08:48明天会更美好 Says:
2019-03-24 17:06豪哥 Says:
2019-03-24 10:36Alger Says:
Yingzi is the best massage girl I have ever seen in Singapore. She works very well. I press for two hours. She has been pushing me without any laziness. She is also a talkative girl. She feels like time is passing very fast. She also knows Chinese medicine. I consulted her on the soles of her feet, because sometimes my soles are painful. Carefully tell me about some parts of human organs reflected by acupoints on the sole of the foot. She was very patient and sent them to me after pressing. The acupoint reflection pictures and videos on the sole of the foot were watched online. Let me learn to massage the acupoint technique of trapezoidal muscles on the sole of my foot by myself. A very attentive girl. Great!
2019-03-22 14:50Bear Says:
2019-03-21 03:30Ethan Says:
Yes, Yingzi is really a trustworthy girl. She\'s like a neighbor\'s little sister. This girl is very real. She thinks of everyone very well. There is no routine, very friendly, especially talkative, her body is very beautiful, chest is particularly sexy, she will ask you to hit several times, once, she will be very attentive to help you press, Thai massage is the most authentic I have seen, she has learned Chinese massage, she has done all my joints stretching movements, like the United States, neck, kneeling back, waist, top waist, my ribs. Every section made a noise. At first, I was very worried. After her chatting, I knew how many years she had massage history. She also opened a foot massage shop in China. She showed me the photos. She was also very humorous. When she got into her bed, my elder brother was at ease to give herself to her. An hour passed quickly, and I got quite a good relaxation. Thank you very much for this little Ying Ying! __________
2019-03-20 17:52Andy Ball Says:
Superb service by this gem. I tried many massage ladies in the past few years. Honestly I seldom write fr, but this girl is really good. She is quite a looker with great massage techniques and very humble character. The best is she delivered five stars service as she is so detailed that many girls may not be bothered. One example is her after-sales service, she even msg to remind me of not to take shower too soon as I may get cold easily after back rubbing. I seldom gone to any girl back to back in a week, but for this new found gem already twice and i will come back again and again.
Looks – prettier n cuter than photos
Service – best all out to please
Attitude – bubbly n chatty
Hj – sensual n patiently done
2019-03-06 06:39Swordfish Says:
2019-03-05 16:35疯子(青铜会员) Says:

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