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Name 姓名 : 2811号 Li Li 丽丽

Age 年龄 : 22 Years Old

Height 身高 : 161cm

Boobs 胸围 : 36C

Room & CD Included 包房包套


Central Area 中部地区

$170/1Shot 1次/60mins



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2019-07-07 13:11啊达达哥 Says:

2019-06-07 00:09Mickey Says:
2019-05-19 05:11西门 Says:
Today I found this girl, very cute and funny girl, her looks are pure, full of bosom, and white skin, waist is very thin, service is very good, chatting with her is very happy, like a girlfriend, let me The whole process is very relaxed, haha, add another sentence, her vagina is very tight, I don’t know why her vagina will shrink...
2019-05-18 13:55choi Says:
she is beautyful and well leading me.
and her bj was
2019-05-08 13:55 Says:
这个美眉真的很紧 干得她一直叫!有点不好意思 好像伤了她的逼!
2019-04-28 13:01a lan Says:
Today I found LiLi, very beautiful, very good service, slim, full breasts, white skin, I am very satisfied with her, most like her vagina, because her vagina is tight, her vagina will shrink. Too comfortable, I will come back to her soon, I hope she will always remember me.
2019-04-22 00:27vinC Says:
This girl is really interesting. She has a lovely face and a very good personality. Overall it is very interesting. The process is very happy. The figure is very good, the skin is white, and her vagina is really tight. It is very comfortable when making love. She will make you very excited, because her vagina is really tight and will not find him again, because she is really good.
2019-04-12 06:00旭日 Says:
I was looking for candy at 1 am today. She is a very beautiful woman. There is no difference between a real person and a photo. She has a good body. When I see her, my lower body has a physiological reaction. Very sexy, with the feeling of a girlfriend in the process, the bust is full, the chest is soft and real, the waist is very thin, the skin is fair, the eyes are very charming, I will find her again, brothers please take care of this cute and interesting girl
2019-04-02 05:31W Says:
A cute and funny girl, meet me, give me a hug, have a good chat, be very patient, have a good service attitude, find her a blowjob today, very comfortable, very good technology, I will book her again,
2019-03-28 03:12ssu Says:
A beautiful, cute girl, very good service, very happy with her time, girlfriend\'s feelings, very good shape, very white skin, a pair of talking eyes, eyes very nice.
2019-03-17 12:34 Says:
2019-03-11 22:39a da Says:
2019-03-10 02:44帅哥 Says:
Candy, very beautiful, very comfortable with her sex, very tight vagina, miss her, I will go see her again
2019-03-04 00:26x c Says:
A very young and beautiful girl, good oral sex skills, very teasing me, very exciting in the process, the chest is full, the vagina is very tight, this price is worth it
2019-03-03 15:52Noi noi Says:
Very sexy young lass..she will say dirty things as she eat you..I want to bring her home to fuck
2019-02-26 04:53sing Says:
Today, I found candy, her vagina is very tight, and soon I became climax, candy is sexy, pure and coquettish, I like her very much, I will pay for her in a few days.
2019-02-23 19:46啊强 Says:
2019-02-22 16:48大宝 Says:
2019-02-21 18:51 Says:
2019-02-20 15:23鸭哥 Says:
2019-02-20 11:38Tandem Says:
Yes, she\'s back

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