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Name 姓名 : 2774号 Xiao Xi 小茜

Age 年龄 : 26 Years Old

Height 身高 : 163cm

Boobs 胸围 : 34C

Room & CD Included 包房包套


Apartment 公寓

$110/1Shot 1次/60mins


联系时请说从天上人间看来的! Please say see







2019-04-23 13:21Anon Says:
Hi anybody can help to get her to reply to my texts?
2019-04-23 02:47哈哈 Says:
Same as photo. Perfect petite body. Very hardworking and can blow u to heaven! :P
2019-04-22 22:14 Says:
I have tried so many girls, no matter how pretty and how nice their body, there will always be a smell of saliva after the girl lick you all over. But not Xiao Xi! This girl is so hygienic, she sprays her mouth with concentrated mouth wash everytime, use tissue to wipe where ever she licked and there is no smell of saliva at all! Best of all, she\'s pretty and has a very nice body! Will surely RTF!
2019-04-22 13:21忘不了 Says:
Visited her multiple times already, Gfe feeling gets stronger! Still as pretty as the first time. The moment she takes off her clothes, my brother starts to get hard. Bbbj never lets you down. Pussy smells so nice, make you want to eat more and as she gets so wet, she will ask you to put your brother in and she will ask for more! Will continue to rtf!
2019-04-22 13:13hero Says:
by far the tightest girl i have ever tried.
she won’t kiss you, but she will bite you!!! damn high while making love.

i usually take quite long to cum, serious, as i can dong. but for her, she is so tight i came in 5mins or less
if she was my gf, i would screw her 3x/day until i dry up.

her body also slim and almost perfect. think already also steam. please be nice to her guys.
2019-04-21 14:44对不起 Says:
I read the comments and was skeptical so I put her on my waiting list for a while. Finally decided to make appointment with her and I regretted my decision once I met her! I regretted not visiting such a beautiful girl with very light make up! After she got naked, I just wanted to jump straight in to caress her natural soft breasts, eat her nice smelling tight pussy and pump her as hard as possible. Luckily I let her do her service first or else I would have missed her super tongue and heavenly BBBJ! This is the only one until she leaves!
2019-04-16 23:34Vic Says:
Now I have a favorite girl to go to. I am actually getting more than what I paid for with the great service, beautiful girl and very nice body. On top of that, bbbj was insane and pussy tight and wet! No point risking to go to another girl who don\'t look like photo.
2019-04-16 14:30好大哥 Says:
Indeed she is like what the bros said, beauty and slim with nice natural boobs! No wonder I kept reading about how good her bbbj, one has to try it to believe! And Fj is super shiok with her tight pussy! Definitely will rtf!
2019-04-16 14:29Lau Hero Says:
Had an fucking awesome session!
Photos did not do her justice, she looks so much prettier in person with very nice slim body. Boobs natural and handful.
Did all the services stated and bbbj is fantastic, her tongue is so strong!
Fj : very tight and wet, can do many positions!
Rtf? Of course!
2019-04-15 15:03好大哥 Says:
Indeed she is like what the bros said, beauty and slim with nice natural boobs! No wonder I kept reading about how good her bbbj, one has to try it to believe! And Fj is super shiok with her tight pussy! Definitely will rtf!
2019-04-14 16:45Anon Says:
No reply to texts; calls can’t get through. Not sure what I did ...
2019-04-13 23:45梁山伯 Says:
Just finished a session with this gorgeous lady. Really regret not being able to hold longer! After the fantastic bbbj, penetrating her wet and tight pussy makes me explode so fast! The only thing I can do is come back for more!
2019-04-13 10:03阿梁 Says:
Can\'t believe there\'s such a beauty at this price range in geylang! So sweet when she smiles at you! S shape figure(前凸后翘)! Pink nipples and pussy, very tasty. Bbbj skill is extraordinary. Fj: accommodates many positions, tight and wet. Sure to come back for more!
2019-04-12 19:59Anonymous Says:
This girl is a gem! Geylang Goddess(芽笼女神)! You must experience it yourself and you will understand why I say this! I will come back again and again and again!
2019-04-12 12:07Anonymous Says:
This girl is a gem! Geylang Goddess(芽笼女神)! You must experience it yourself and you will understand why I say this! I will come back again and again and again!
2019-04-11 23:35Adam Says:
Very good service, pretty girl- 10/10
Bbbj: Tongue very skillful- 10/10
Boobs: perky, handful, soft and pink nips- 10/10
Fj: tight, wet and pink pussy- 10/10
Overall: 10/10
Must try!
2019-04-11 14:09诺言哥 Says:
150% like photo because she looks so much prettier in person, sweet and gentle! Slim body with natural handful firm boobs and best of all pink nips and pussy! Hardworking, did all the services and professional(no handphone). Bbbj is superb, her tongue works like a vibrator(if you have no endurance, you\'ll definitely explode here!) Willing to accommodate to so many positions, pussy is tight and wet, very shiok! Most importantly, she\'s very hygienic with very clean room! BOB!(Best Of Best!) I can even pay her extra for this price range! Will definitely come back for more! 谢谢妳小茜!
2019-04-10 21:41Victor Says:
Wow,just came out from 小西\'s place. The moment she opened the door, I was surprised to see such a beauty greeting me with very sweet smile! She looks so much better than the photos. I was checking her out when following her to the room, she has a very nice hour glass figure! After she took off her clothes, my brother suddenly became hard. She has a very nice handful pair of perky boobs(pink nipples), flat tummy and curvy ass! After the shower, she did all the services and her bbbj was soooooo good that I almost exploded in her mouth. I had to stop her to compose myself then went straight to FJ. Her pussy is also pink, very tight and wet. She has a sexy voice so when she start to moan, I couldn\'t control myself anymore and came inside her! I\'ve visited more than 20 girls and 小西 is the best. She is even better that those charging $200+. I regret not visiting her earlier, will only visit her from now on. Bros, please take good care of her!
2019-04-10 15:22纹身哥 Says:
2019-04-03 22:19纹身哥 Says:
She is very pretty with sexy voice. Her boobs are handful and firm and has a very curvy ass! Bbbj is out of this world! Visited her many times, now she can\'t do FJ but her hands can do wonders! Bros, please take good care of her!
2019-03-31 14:18小安安安 Says:
昨天早上约了这美女。我觉得是亚龙第一号美女,见了面,好荣幸。美女比照片还漂亮。皮肤细白,胸部很美,屁股翘翘的,主要是S 型的身材,太完美了!口活一流,把我吹得爽爽的。服务很好,爱爱投入。我非常满意。谢谢了,美女!Dated her yesterday morning. Indeed a beauty, prettier in real life! Fair, snow white skin and good complexion. She also has a very nice S-shaped figure, the boobs natural and full. I think the best looking babe in this area. Excellent BBBJ, strong blow combined with non- stop tongue licking action..10/10. During intercourse you can feel her tightness below. Shiok!10/10. I left a happy man. Thank you, girl!I be back for more!
2019-03-25 13:51ah wei Says:
she is so fucking tight, tighter than my virigin gf back in school. really bth, cannot hold my xiao in..
old house, but super clean room.
2019-03-18 13:30Vic Says:
Today is the 2nd time I visit her. 1st appt of the day so I requested her not to put on make up, looks even better! As usual, her BBBJ is superb, her tongue can do wonders! FJ is fantastic, my little brother will stand just thinking of her! Will definitely RTF!
2019-03-18 01:56A Says:
Service was great!!! Got to say her figure is the best i’ve ever had!! She’s slim with an hourglass figure and she’s tight especially when you doggy her.

She taste wonderful when we 69. And i took awhile to cum and she was cooperative in changing many position to satisfy my needs!

Highly recommended and please take care of her!!
2019-03-15 12:37Vic Says:
小茜是我约过最漂亮的女孩,身材也是最棒的!BBBJ超爽,鮑鱼很紧啪啪也超爽! 一定会再约她!兄弟们一定要好好照顾她!
2019-03-11 17:49Wetwet Says:
Like the rest, her service was really great and she is really damn pretty. she is very very tight, purposely went slower to feel the tightness best part was the doggy when her butt bounced like no tomorrow, cummed just like that.. 9/10.. -1 because her GFE can improve!
2019-03-07 01:35lovehunter Says:
Absolutely perfect
Amazing WOW
2019-03-05 10:36Rainforest Says:
She is pretty and slim, with a surprisingly perfect figure. Fair skin and white with good skills using her tongue.
She looks very elegant and move well with her waist. Service is good.
2019-03-04 11:01Edward Says:
Like all previous comments, this girl is really good with her tongue and she’s damn tight! Please treat her well.
2019-02-27 15:15@@@@@ Says:
Same as pic, great service
2019-02-22 14:15MMMan Says:
2019-02-21 14:59LoveSex Says:
Saw her long time ago but didn’t want to risk it as photo too pretty. Thx to good review I took a chance today. She looks like photo! Is a pity she never show photo of her body. She has the perfect natural boobs! Soft and yet perky. Perfectly flat tummy, hour glass waist and tight butt. Her service was complete though can add abit tenderness but I’m sure the warmness will get better as we break the ice in subsequent visit. She made efforts to have conversation so means it will only get better. Finally the FJ which matter the most, she was game for all positions. Her response was so synchronized it will make you pump harder. I took a long time to come and kept changing positions yet she happily obliged. RTF for sure.
2019-02-21 01:49A Says:
Can’t believe how wonderful her figure is!! Can’t stop staring at her when bonking her.
Real person exactly like photos
Service is good, GFE strong!
2019-02-15 19:48Matt Says:
Great stuff, young and pretty, figure is dam upz also.
Photos are exactly the same as the person, like legit, even prettier actually.
Service is really good, gfe strong and will definitely be back.
2019-02-14 22:04Dominator(青铜会员) Says:
Service was awesome !
Overall 9/10
Slim and beautiful like her photos
Will rtf of course .
2019-02-14 11:52仰慕者 Says:
Best experience so far. 10/10. Would RTF. Slim and beautiful girl. She is back finally
2019-02-10 10:33Christopher Says:
2019-02-09 13:54DaYuanJing Says:
Service was great. Girl was 95% like the photos. Thin,slim, natural boobs. Bbbj: 10/10 gd tongue skills and licking. Fj: 10/10 cowgirl and missionary. Gd moans with every thrust.just arrived yest.will rtf

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