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Name 姓名 : 2604号 Xiao Wei 小薇

Age 年龄 : 23 Years Old

Height 身高 : 160cm

Boobs 胸围 : 36B

Room 包房


Apartment 公寓





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2019-04-24 12:59Hong Says:
I never thought I could meet a girl who is reserved but general.
Before they know the existence of have a little sister, because there are so many sister, forgot you
2019-04-24 12:47Wy Says:
Wasted no time and I go over to her place, I began touching her thigh.. She got shy and also very auto to rub my dick.. 
No rejection, so continue to enjoy.. After we strip down, action began.. BBBJ was good, suction is strong, but quite mono action, I had a few incoming msg, as I’m replying, while letting Weiwei do her job. I had maca coffee just now. So the effect is strong and power, alternate switching between balls licking and BBBJ, a few times I was about to cum, I kept thinking to Tahan longer or just shoot.. Headache.. so end up I go for CIM, I tried frenching but can’t, we ended up kissing. I’m quite ok, while playing with her tits, and admiring her looks, my urge came.. Seeing a chiobu sucking my dick makes me even more exciting.. Quickly I signalled her to suck me off.. I held her head and ram upwards... As fast as I can... ARGH! ARGH! ARGHWith my final push deep in, my first jerk went in fast and strong into her mouth.. Damn fucking shiok with my second shot, she slowly suck me til I finish my last jerk.. before she went to wash up.. 
2019-03-03 11:20Apple 哥 Says:
Start off with massage, and TCSS..

Thumb kneading on my back, to my shoulder and neck. Quite nice massage I must say. Defintely worth it. I cutting short on the massage part, after awhile flip over, I wait no more and starts to fondle her tits, and request her to strip off.

She’s in a black coloured lingerie, she stripped off her top and walked back to me. Holy shit, I swear that her tits are nice, although is a B cup, pretty and ample enough..

I just couldn’t stop pressing and fondling her tits, she bend forward for me to suck her nipples... nipples is so tasty that I couldn’t stop sucking at all, grabbing her tits at the same time..

She sits infront of me and starts rubbing my dick, oh god seriously, she’s not a time watcher, she rubs my dick slowly and slowly, no rush at all. I’m practically just playing her tits NONSTOP!!! I really couldn’t stop playing, rubbing, grabbing, fondling, carresing and not forgetting sucking nipples.. we frenched DFK too..

Frenching is passionate, she asked me laid on bed, and we frenched again, what a kissing fish.. frenched until when I go touch her pussy, she’s wet!! Hahahaha , she wanna fuck me but I politely reject, so today I want fuck her mouth! She say next time must FJ, I say ok then hahahahaha.. so she goes deepthroat and just kept sucking, with all the moaning sound, after awhile I was thinking to have 1 last round of frenching before I call it a day.

Hint her and we frenched, damn damn so passionate really as if my gf.. apart from frenching...

About after playing her tits for like 30mins, I say let’s end it else times up.. she blow me in fast and furious speed, and I held her head ramming upwards too, grabbing her tits slightly harder, just awhile I cum...


Damn lots of cum...
All shoot into her mouth, and I slowly push her head down for more blowing.. She got my hint, and slowly suck me off til the last drop before letting go..
2019-04-16 13:03微微 Says:
2019-02-20 10:08Jk Says:
Wei Wei I\'m very lucky got a morning slot from her. Fresh and tight hole as its fresh in the morning.. Haha. Make love just like when wake up laying beside girlfriend. Maybe it fresh water unstoppable and moaning is smooth and gentle. The smell of her body in the morning damn nice.. as I attack her non stop water keep flowing that I can felt it.. will soon return
2019-04-16 13:03微微 Says:
2019-02-16 19:57小鱼儿 Says:

名字: 微微 样貌:7.8/10 有一种惊艳的感觉 胸部:6.8/10 32 B 身材:7/10 身高大概1.58, 稍瘦 女友感:8.5/10 很体贴,不赶工。态度友善,殷勤。 啪啪: 8.3/10 本来是提供按摩口爆的,因为我受不了她之前给我完美的前奏服务~吸吻我全身及爽透透的毒龙,所以就进一步选择了和她爱爱。最销魂的是她用舌头舔我的双耳和舌吻。可惜的是,床太小了,只好用唯一的最传统的男上女下姿势,完成此举。我俩完全投入爱抚、舌吻、呻吟。最后我们共赴了巫山,一起达到最高境界。 口活: 8.5/10 毒龙、添蛋蛋、蛮深候的像吃冰淇淋~很用心。 回头: 会!~ 整个过程令我很舒服。 来自小鱼儿真实的战报
2019-02-19 17:38微微 Says:
2019-02-11 04:26Mbatman(青铜会员) Says:
Fr for wei wei(微微)massage girl
Face-80% photo +young
Body-slim,boob B+挺+soft,cute ass)
Ar-9/10 ( may depand chemistry
Bj&Cim-7/10 (improved)
Attitude-8/10 (improved)
French-second visit she more passion  when we french (may depand chemistry)
Location - neabry lavender &bendemeer 
Beauty n service type girl specially 海底捞月
P.s-bed too small(for me), tattoos hater pls pass 

2019-02-16 01:30微微 Says:
2019-02-09 23:28JC Says:
今天晚上第一次约了她9点,之前一直约晓清,她们搬了地方但是还是挺靠近的!她很亲切笑起来很甜美!带领我去房间然后叫我洗澡,过后就开始按摩挺不错蛮舒服的! 按摩完就开始服务了!开始先胸推很有感觉很舒服之后也舔的我好舒服好爽!毒龙也很舒服很用心!感觉她很用心的服务! 希望下次再约她可以在放得开一点
2019-02-16 01:29微微 Says:
2019-02-01 20:03Abcde Says:
Will only rtf for her.. if can pls tip her.. really hardworling and pretty
2019-02-16 01:32微微 Says:
2019-01-03 05:22M小 Says:

Fr for wei wei(微微)massage girl
Face-80% photo +young
Body-slim,boob B+挺+soft,cute ass)
Bj&Cim-7/10 (improved)
Attitude-8/10 (improved)
French-second visit she more passion  when we french
Location - neabry lavender &bendemeer 
Beauty n service type girl specially 海底捞月
P.s-bed too small(for me), tattoos hater pls pass 
Fr from M
2019-01-09 00:05JK Says:
2019-01-01 07:19兵哥哥 Says:
FR for Gentle and Soft spoken WeiWei 微微

Beautiful Classical Chinese lady from Anhui 安徽WeiWei is eagar to please you. Keep on apologizing for not putting makeup for me, but i feel she is already a beauty without make up.

Hardly go for MP locally , but with trusted and good recommendations from Bro 9, I don’t want to give it a miss and regret later with my cock standing. True enough , no regrets .

Wei Wei is fair and petite and is good with her massage skills. After our shower , we clean each other and she proceed to massage my back followed by a sensual breast massage , she lick my body with her tongue like no tomorrow ...Sat on my back and occasionally use her shaved pussy to rub my ass cheek. She flipped me over like prata and used her buttocks to massage my thigh , intentionally allow her shaved pussy to rub on the wall of my stick... Making me sibei horny.

The best part I enjoyed most is when she ask me to tilt my ass for her to AR me, even to the extent that she use her tongue to penetrate my ring, which I rarely received from a Tiong Cai. She further suck and lick my balls with great enthusiasm and tentatively proceed with a powerful vacuum suck on my dick. Shiok to the max!!

I surrendered myself under her HJ + BBBJ and shot my load in her mouth. Messy but sexy...Ended with a shower together and still gave me a cock bath with her mouth .

A satisfied session for me ending the week. Not sure about FJ , never asked .Knn I also tempted , but then again I guess brosters will have to present your KC skills with her. She has plenty of bookings judging from the vibration of her phone, but no worry she has good ethics and will not touch her phone when working on you.

A Tiong girl hard to come by, brosters what are you waiting for ?

2019-02-19 17:39微微 Says:
2019-01-01 07:03you 123 Says:
2019-01-18 18:11微微 Says:
2018-12-28 08:44疯子 Says:

我来了第二次,她是唯一能让我在去找她第二次的。因为她为人亲切和随和。按摩8/10。 口交9/10。样貌 8/10。真人比照片美。 服务很好。不化妆比较美 This is my 2time visit her again. She is the only one that i went bk 2times. Cause She Is Friendly. Cheerful and Really make U Spent yr money worth it.....Massage 8/10. BBBJ 9/10..Look 8/10. She Is More Beautiful than the photo. Nice Girl.....
2019-01-10 15:35草泥马 Says:
2019-01-06 19:00小微 Says:
2018-12-27 08:48木哥哥 Says:

Today had appointment with xiao wei, reach the designated area and greet by this pretty lady. Her massage is good and i really want to emphasis on her tongue skill. Really can\'t control and the way she lick my body, my precious and don\'t forget that AR. She went to 69 position and give me a nice BBBJ. The sensation is awesome and i can\'t control myself anymore and unload all my army into her mouth. Of cause, do some painting on her. Delicious ~
2019-01-18 18:11微微 Says:
2018-12-27 07:16灰兔子 Says:
It my second visit, give me 100% authentic massage.. shes gentle and sweet. Worthwhile spending an hour relaxing with her.Massage and HJ are extremely good. easy to locate.. ample parking lots.
2019-02-16 01:32微微 Says:
2018-12-26 16:23John Says:
Met her during one the nights. Very nice and polite lady. Great to chat and there is no attitude about her. Massage was surprisingly good. And when she went into the service mode, the little flexible tongue of us nearly killed me in estacy. Great cat bath followed by a seamless foreplay where she had me by my balls. The bbbj was so impressive that it coaxed wuite a lot of splurting from my little bro. Great gal! Must go!!
2019-01-18 18:12微微 Says:
2018-12-26 15:16战狼 Says:

Long time didn’t chiong mp, after reading some good fr, decide to give a try. First looks not bad quite similar to photo, inside room she ask Wan to cosplay. She got 4 type of uniform for u to chose. I chose the black one and she when to change while I wait for her. Look: 7.2 (quite similar to photo with nice make up) Boob: B (natural) Figure: 8 (slim and skin smooth, a bit of stretch mark in the stomach but I am ok with it) Catbath: yes (lots of teasing and licking from back and front) Frenching: 8.5 (quite passionate and will stick out tongue for u to suck) Bbbj: 9.2 (give me a free round of deep throat and good suction from doggy to front and to 69) Ar: yes Painting: yes (not shave but can access fully, no smell) Gfe: 8.8 Cim yes
2019-01-15 16:20微微 Says:

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