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Name 姓名 : 2573号 Abigail 表妹

Age 年龄 : 24 Years Old

Height 身高 : 166cm

Boobs 胸围 : 36C

Room & CD Included 包房包套


Apartment 公寓

$170/1Shot 1次/60mins


联系时请说从天上人间看来的! Please say see







2019-04-19 01:49Gentlemen Says:
Back again to visit today. She is as pleasing as she used to be and I enjoyed the whole session but I will be missing her as she is leaving and will only be back 2 months later. If you have the chance, don’t miss her this time. Do treat her well
2019-04-18 22:54Legend Says:
2019-04-09 22:48小宝 Says:
2019-04-06 17:12vv(白银会员) Says:
6 Apr 2029 - 11:30 Slot on Abigail 表妹。

2019-04-05 15:10B Says:
Late late review for my sexy naughty playful cousin

Possessing sultry looks and a husky voice, she exudes sexiness and is relaxed and easy going. Rest assured the pics and vids are her own self. Her body is shapely (in between slim and fat) and what really sets her apart is her hardworking effort and eagerness to please. We both had an enjoyable time in bed

She has a killer move: she\'s the only one (who is currently still in SG) who i have felt her gripping me tightly as her vaginal muscles contract. The sensation was overwhelming and i surrendered shortly after

Definitely worth a try!
2019-03-31 16:02666(青铜会员) Says:
2019-03-30 23:15小鲜肉(青铜会员) Says:
2019-03-28 01:29牛哥哥 Says:
在一个机缘巧合的认识了这位美美姐姐。加了微信,然后就开始我们的第一次约会。。。门开了,我看见了她就认定她就是女神!!! 她很温柔给我喝了一杯水,让我好幸福。。。过后她就突然亲吻了我,我醉了。。。然后我们就去鸳鸯戏水一边洗着一边挑逗着对方。。。到了高潮的时刻在床上,我们继续温柔的亲吻
2019-03-27 10:46Ccccccnp(青铜会员) Says:
2019-03-26 22:31Andy Says:
2019-03-26 02:15Gentlemen Says:
The best experience that I even had. She gives a very good girlfriend experience and it’s very relaxing and enjoyable throughout the entire stay. Recommend to everyone as it is totally worthwhile
2019-03-24 03:54mrl Says:
ABIGAIL last night. A pettite Sweet Young Thing,she is prettier than the pictures. Soft spoken,polite,friendly,just like a real girlfriend. What attracted me most is her figure!Good figure,sexy! Boobs are real, big ,soft and juicy ! Very very pleased with her services!I will come back to her anytime anyday!Highly recommended !
2019-03-23 15:56King Says:
Biao mei is pleasant and naughty in sexy lingerie. She stays alone and her place is very private and new. She has fair smooth skin and natural handful boobs. Not very slim but more to bubbly. Quite chatty and makes u comfortable. Service is good and fj is accommodating and sweaty.
2019-03-21 23:26vv(白银会员) Says:
21/3/2019 - Slot 3:00pm on Abigil 表妹.

This morning saw her wechat moments n instantly asked if she is working n we confirmed the appt. she said i will be her first date since arrival last night.
Reached earlier and bought some fruits of her choice for her.
我用和情人爱爱来形容今天的体验很有默契和温柔的前奏。毫无吝啬的舌吻由始至终。超赞的 bbbj 这要亲自体验。更不用说那很新鲜很美很干淨無毛無味的鲍鱼,让我舔个够。我们只用了两个姿势,BM 实在很用心的做,cow girl 时她还主动的趴下来舌吻,太有感觉了,最后她说她第一次流汗了因为我很relex只用我的手抓住屁股推进推出而己。
2019-02-01 05:25Mr M Says:
2019-01-24 01:57康少 Says:
表妹有剃毛 能看出她是一個很愛乾淨清爽的女孩
2019-01-18 21:27MRY Says:
Visited ABIGAIL room is spacious and clean, she is a SYT, very pretty, looks like the photos and patient.
Start off with the shower to wash me clean, lots of teasing there, kissing, frenching like crazy,all the way from the door, sofa, bathroom, bedroom.
BBBJ is nice, long and slow, lots of pattern,eye contact. Then I give her a long nice painting, lots of water coming out, she really enjoys it.
FJ,tight and wet, great feeling, several position, missionary, cowgirl and finish with doggy, frenching all the way.
After that hug her and chit chat until the time ends, shower and leave.
Extremely satisfied, please take good care of her.
2018-12-30 01:41Jackson Says:
2018-12-27 14:34Mr Tee Says:
My Date with 表妹:

Arranged to meet her at 12am, Saturday late night.

She was wearing a sexy black lingerie when i entered her unit. Still so pretty. Although it was so late, but she was chirpy and all smile.

Led me into the shower. Like how she is always so attentive to the small details in serving me. After i rinsed my mouth, she handed some tissues to me. Really hard to come by.

Laid on bed and chatted. Last met her in June this year but it felt like we have just met each other yesterday.

Slowly, she licked my nipples and pleasure my little bro. Looked up at me once in a while, seductively. If only this can last forever. She made me so sensitive and i requested to paint her.

Pecked her lightly on her cherry lips and licked her nipples. Made my way down to her pussy. I almost forgot how beautiful her pussy is! Complimented on her beautiful pussy and paint to my heart’s content.

Washed my mouth as i wanted to kiss her again. By this time, my little bro became soft. In no time, she made me hard again.

I entered her and began our love-making. So pleasurable to hear her moan with my thrusts. And my cock is hard again while writing this. Asked if i can release my load and i thrusted faster and harder.

After which, she laid beside me and we continue to chat. Gave her a tip because i really like her service. Hugged and kissed her farewell.

Once again, if you have the chance to meet her, please treat her well.

Mr Tee
23rd December 2018, Sunday
2018-12-24 20:49大鸟 Says:
One of the best i ever had.. good service
Open door with a sexy dress offer you water when you are in. Just try it and you will know what i meant.
To bros who love shaved, she is.
2018-12-24 18:21vv Says:
24/12/2018-3:30 slot.
Staying at the same unit when i dated her in July this year, big, spacious n cleaned. bought her small x’mas gift, hope she like it.
She is prettier than before, very accommodating n obliged to different positions, we did cowgirl, standing n missionary. Her pussy was clened shaven n odorless, very nice to lick n to your content, it seems she is enjoying it. her bbbj was nice too. First class service.. will surely return for more.
2018-12-23 03:19南洋十一少 Says:
2018-12-22 02:21Ronnie Says:
Not going to give any numbers for rating.
She\'s the best.
And of course, she is very pretty.

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